No such thing: Work-life Balance

It is a 24-hour economy and hustle really is everything in the era of the disappearing 9-to-5, especially for entrepreneurs and those supporting them. The trick is achieving a new work-life balance: multiple family contacts the world does not see, as Gary Vee practices.

Your tremendous power: LOVE

Most people wait until the end (their swan song) to really get to the essence of what is important in life: making SURE others know they are loved. Why wait? And why use it on just the people who deserve it? The greatest impact you can make on the world is sharing your love with people who are so wounded that they are hurting others. Change the world. Love people into wholeness, and your power will become tremendous.

Who needs whom? Tick-tock!

Take a good hard look at your business, recreational and emotional expenditures. You may find that something you told yourself you need is more of a drain on you, and less of a source of joy or encouragement, than you previously thought. Each beat of your heart is the ticking of a clock — are they worth it? Check your premises.

Social gold: fix this & see!

So you want to make people feel good, and you think the best strategy is putting yourself down by judging yourself and admitting your faults? Think again. Neurology and social psychology show why this is the absolute worst strategy. But if you want to be humble, try this instead.