Requesting your help

Witness a prayer on a lake beginning in gratitude and asking questions about an achievement: my fourth small book, my third about healing. I don’t know what to title it, don’t know what to do with this blog, and I’m welcoming your input too.

No chance? 

Standing on the water with zero percent chance of rain, as it was pouring. Are we ever so certain? What implications would no certainty (faith and hope) have?

Radical forgiveness & freedom

Documenting yesterday’s most important session with a client, this video is about the actual practice of freeing your own emotions from creating your own suffering by learning to forgive another person, at some point, no matter what. This is a how-to video, not just a bunch of ideas about forgiveness.

Allow and accept help

Lessons from my wife, nephew, and staff members: my life improves when I stop trying to do everything myself and start accepting help. How fortunate to arrive at this realization now, and how much I wish I arrived there sooner. 

The narcissism of writing 

Struggling with the narcissism of ideas. When we have ideas that we think everyone should know, we often assume others will be interested when they have no reason to be. This blog is a small reflection on that, and moving past it.