Poem: I know God loves the Fishermen

I know God loves the Fishermen

I know God loves the fishermen
It’s clear and I will say
The reason God loves fishermen
To you to hear today 

Last year I was a-paddling
Upon my lake’s calm waves
I stand and do the coast line
When my body craves

Some movement, and it makes
My muscles feel much stronger
My balance has improved some
It takes an hour or longer

Away a hundred feet
A fisher cast a line
The hook plopped inches starboard
Right near the boat of mine

Angry I yelled, “Hey fisher
Did you not see me here?!”
He lectured me on boating
And he did it with a sneer

“You need to learn boat etiquette”
He said like and like a boor
Yelled that he was in the right
Because he fished the shore

I looked it up and he was right
I was so mad at that
And for year I’ve been seething
About this little spat

This morning I was gonna boat
And a voice says “Scoop the litter”
So dutifully I got the scoop
And headed to their shitter

And through the basement window
I saw upon my shore
That same fisher who last year
Yelled at me before

Had I gone out that moment
And pushed off to the lake
I would have made another
Boat etiquette mistake

I know God loves the fishermen
And He also loves my cat
The fishers are not drowning
And it’s clean where kitties shat

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