Setting them free 

Setting them free

By R. Wolf Shipon (

If someone you know 

Feels the urge to go

You just set them free

And if you’re like me 
What you will find —

If you’re of like mind —

Is when they return

Great trust you will earn
In this life it seems

We co-create dreams

To hope and believe

First give, then receive 
A journey begins

An open heart wins 

Tell them “Joy pursue!”

To be a friend true 

Removing limits

Last night I walked very late (it was 1 a.m.) to keep a promise I made to myself of daily exercise for today, a busy day. This recording isn’t that scenic but I discuss the relief of freeing myself.

Allow and accept help

Lessons from my wife, nephew, and staff members: my life improves when I stop trying to do everything myself and start accepting help. How fortunate to arrive at this realization now, and how much I wish I arrived there sooner.