It is well (by faith, not fact)

Reflections on the ministry teaching of telling others “It is well” and how it creates paradoxes, contradictions and necessary inconsistencies in my life.

Here is the song I was talking about in the video. It is not the traditional version. It is a modern version I like a lot. 

The traditional melody and lyric is here, also beautiful:

Good ghost

My son may have an interesting gift. Or he may not. Whatever the case, I hope he always believes that people never really go away.

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Riding the wind

If I allow the wind to blow and do not fight it, I am carried. Being passive and going where it will is a huge relief and healing for a person who controls too much.
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Setting them free 

Setting them free

By R. Wolf Shipon (

If someone you know 

Feels the urge to go

You just set them free

And if you’re like me 
What you will find —

If you’re of like mind —

Is when they return

Great trust you will earn
In this life it seems

We co-create dreams

To hope and believe

First give, then receive 
A journey begins

An open heart wins 

Tell them “Joy pursue!”

To be a friend true