Setting them free 

Setting them free

By R. Wolf Shipon (

If someone you know 

Feels the urge to go

You just set them free

And if you’re like me 
What you will find —

If you’re of like mind —

Is when they return

Great trust you will earn
In this life it seems

We co-create dreams

To hope and believe

First give, then receive 
A journey begins

An open heart wins 

Tell them “Joy pursue!”

To be a friend true 

A question 

How would you best learn healing? What would make it really fun for you to learn a new technique? What arrangements have been fun and meaningful for you in the past?

Requesting your help

Witness a prayer on a lake beginning in gratitude and asking questions about an achievement: my fourth small book, my third about healing. I don’t know what to title it, don’t know what to do with this blog, and I’m welcoming your input too.

Your tremendous power: LOVE

Most people wait until the end (their swan song) to really get to the essence of what is important in life: making SURE others know they are loved. Why wait? And why use it on just the people who deserve it? The greatest impact you can make on the world is sharing your love with people who are so wounded that they are hurting others. Change the world. Love people into wholeness, and your power will become tremendous.

Who needs whom? Tick-tock!

Take a good hard look at your business, recreational and emotional expenditures. You may find that something you told yourself you need is more of a drain on you, and less of a source of joy or encouragement, than you previously thought. Each beat of your heart is the ticking of a clock — are they worth it? Check your premises.

HD Life Quality

What choices are you making at a “lower level resolution” that could be improved immeasurably by switching to a higher quality? Lessons from an amazing person on moving to the next level.

Dive deep & kick ass!

Be the cormorant! Dive deep into both positive and negative emotionality to achieve your goals! Align negative feeling with non-performance of your daily commitments and positive feeling with executing!