Baby geese and system resets!

Today’s video is weird. I had to record the baby geese.

I also talk about what happened to me yesterday – 6 pills and I felt no pain! As a person with chronic autoimmune issues, it reminded me of the power of a system reset to enjoy life again, and that maybe I need more of them!

A prayer of the loving 

The peace prayer attributed to St Francis of Assisi (not historically but in the Catholic tradition) happens to be my favorite prayer even though I was not raised Catholic. I’d write it here, but I want you to hear me speak it, because inflection gives it much more meaning.

I think the most loving people in the world live the principles in the prayer, so I say it several times per day and especially when I need to rev up my lovingkindness.

Your tremendous power: LOVE

Most people wait until the end (their swan song) to really get to the essence of what is important in life: making SURE others know they are loved. Why wait? And why use it on just the people who deserve it? The greatest impact you can make on the world is sharing your love with people who are so wounded that they are hurting others. Change the world. Love people into wholeness, and your power will become tremendous.

HD Life Quality

What choices are you making at a “lower level resolution” that could be improved immeasurably by switching to a higher quality? Lessons from an amazing person on moving to the next level.