Listening & kindness phenomenon: The Anchor app

The unique feature of a new audio-only social media platform (Anchor.fmAnchor on the App Store) is that it appears to be completely troll-free (total strangers are really nice to each other). If you compare that to other platforms (Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter) that is very unusual. This post explains the intimacy of the audio-restricted communication that occurs on Anchor and proposes trying that learning out in various ways. 

Change the sample, change the life

A small glimpse of behavior, in self and others, can provide a whole narrative about a life. This gives us the opportunity to look at the micro-scripts in our lives and refine them so we can create better lives overall, for ourselves and others. This is a long video for me (7 minutes) with a very important set of teachings.

Are you a good hooker?

Hooking people into your personal world is accomplished via personal warmth, and this post talks about the fact that we have left behind the Information Age and are entering the Personal Connection economy. It is no longer what you know. It is how you interact.

By the way, for those raising their eyebrows at the choice of words: I evoked something, right? Magic!

Social gold: fix this & see!

So you want to make people feel good, and you think the best strategy is putting yourself down by judging yourself and admitting your faults? Think again. Neurology and social psychology show why this is the absolute worst strategy. But if you want to be humble, try this instead.

Appearance matters!

A video of a psychologist telling you that you CAN judge books by their covers because the “covers” of people usually reflect their internal states! How to cultivate better internal states, and optimize your effectiveness and success, contained within this clip.