Healing verbal violence first

What if we could reduce physical violence by first reversing the trend of verbal violence that is increasingly prevalent in the national media and social media? I am as guilty of this as anyone else, and I think it is time for me to change.

Please check out Sally Kohn’s TED talk on Emotional Correctness here

The healer personality: OH GEE

Five characteristics make a healer, according to me. Here they are: Openness, Helpfulness, Gratefulness, Enthusiasm and Expectancy (OH GEE). In the near future, a guide called One Minute Healing will explain more. Here is a preview.

Removing limits

Last night I walked very late (it was 1 a.m.) to keep a promise I made to myself of daily exercise for today, a busy day. This recording isn’t that scenic but I discuss the relief of freeing myself.