It is well (by faith, not fact)

Reflections on the ministry teaching of telling others “It is well” and how it creates paradoxes, contradictions and necessary inconsistencies in my life.

Here is the song I was talking about in the video. It is not the traditional version. It is a modern version I like a lot. 

The traditional melody and lyric is here, also beautiful:

Optimism and politics

This is a hard topic for me. I try to stay focused on the positive, but others do it so much better. My struggle as an optimist seeing beauty everywhere and staying focused on that in a highly corrupt world.

Openness: The best anxiety stance

The ultimate healing stance for anxiety is not relaxation as many think. It is openness, which is the emotional and cognitive flexibility to receive and utilize new data, no matter what. This video explains why it is one of the five attitudes of healers, and perhaps the most important of them all.  
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