Change the sample, change the life

A small glimpse of behavior, in self and others, can provide a whole narrative about a life. This gives us the opportunity to look at the micro-scripts in our lives and refine them so we can create better lives overall, for ourselves and others. This is a long video for me (7 minutes) with a very important set of teachings.

We break things by growing 

As we get further along in life, the stuff that used to work for us gets broken. Sometimes it is a messy break. This message is to remind you that it is OK, natural, to be expected, and a sign of your growth!

Gratitude for chaos

When life becomes very stressful and is tugging at our attention a hundred different ways, shift to gratitude that life is that full. The extreme alternative would not be something you would want.

No such thing: Work-life Balance

It is a 24-hour economy and hustle really is everything in the era of the disappearing 9-to-5, especially for entrepreneurs and those supporting them. The trick is achieving a new work-life balance: multiple family contacts the world does not see, as Gary Vee practices.