A grateful offer

Thanks so much for your attention (it is priceless) and support. Please take a moment to visit 1minutehealing.com and download the book “One Minute Healing for free (it’s an ePub file). Use the coupon code “review” – if you like it, please give it a review on Amazon.com or related book sites. Thank you again!

Change the sample, change the life

A small glimpse of behavior, in self and others, can provide a whole narrative about a life. This gives us the opportunity to look at the micro-scripts in our lives and refine them so we can create better lives overall, for ourselves and others. This is a long video for me (7 minutes) with a very important set of teachings.

Social gold: fix this & see!

So you want to make people feel good, and you think the best strategy is putting yourself down by judging yourself and admitting your faults? Think again. Neurology and social psychology show why this is the absolute worst strategy. But if you want to be humble, try this instead.